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Have you been keeping up with the latest street food trends?

Healthy and plant-based food options, particularly vegan, are popping up all over. Londoners are raving about the acclaimed vegan street food from Ghana, India, and beyond. Plus, the Rise of Middle Eastern cuisine continues to take our taste buds by storm. In the land of opportunity, the USA, the street food scene is as diverse as its multicultural population. With countless options to tantalize your taste buds, ranging from sizzling hot dogs and irresistible pretzels to savory tacos, flavorful falafel, mouthwatering barbecue, and even gourmet sandwiches, there’s something for every palate to discover. In the bustling metropolis of America, stumbling upon these savory meat sandwiches is truly a stroke of luck. Bursting with flavorful meat, crisp vegetables, and a variety of toppings, these handheld delights are the quintessential street food. Think of it as a gourmet twist on the classic hamburger – only instead of a single patty, you’re treated to a tantalizing stack of thin meat slices. But what truly sets this sandwich apart is the dedication and time put into crafting it. Hours spent marinating and roasting the meat on a rotating spit elevate the taste and effort that goes into every bite. It’s no wonder these sandwiches are a cut above the rest.

What makes American fast food such a widespread phenomenon?

It’s simply because it offers quick, affordable options cooked by someone other than yourself or a family member. In a country where hard work is highly prized, both time and money hold immense value. So it’s no surprise that the convenience of swiftly pulling up to a drive-through and ordering a budget-friendly meal for the whole family has become the go-to choice. Imagine the joy of indulging in a wild and exciting option rather than enduring the mundane routine of returning from a grueling workday, mustering the energy to whip up a meal, and slaving away in the kitchen for another hour or two. And to add insult to injury, the steep prices at the local supermarket can put a serious dent in your wallet and the necessary trips can drain your precious time. Yet, as tempting as fast food may be in its affordability and convenience, we can’t ignore the detrimental impact it can have on our health.

Falafel: With its roots in the Middle East, falafel has rapidly gained popularity in the American street food scene as a fresh and exciting addition. Made from fried chickpeas or fava beans, it boasts a satisfyingly crisp texture. Wrapped in traditional pita bread, this vegetarian option is a top pick for street food lovers, both filling and undeniably delicious. Falafel, a recent addition to the American street food scene, has captured the hearts of many. Hailing from the Middle East, this savory treat is crafted with fried chickpeas or fava beans, providing a satisfying crunch.

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Döner and Shawarma: This food may seem like two peas in a pod, but each boasts its own unique origin and flavor profile. Hailing from Turkey, Döner has become a staple in the Middle Eastern food scene alongside its counterpart, Shawarma. The two are cooked in a similar fashion, with succulent meat rotating on vertical spits until it reaches its tender peak. Sliced thinly and wrapped in bread, these dishes provide a flavorful experience for the taste buds. However, the real distinguishing factor between Döner and Shawarma lies in the distinct seasonings and toppings used. While Döner is typically served with a medley of tomatoes, pickles, and lettuce, Shawarma adds a unique spin with additions like hummus, tahini sauce, and fattoush. Despite their differences, one thing is certain – both Döner and Shawarma are undeniably delicious and stand as beloved street foods that originated in the Middle East. Recipe in food (recipe) section or on the link below:


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