“The bleeding Dragon tree of SOCOTRA ISLAND, a haven of otherworldly beauty.”

Socotra, a remote island located approximately 210 miles (340 km) southeast of Yemen in the Indian Ocean, boasts a rich heritage and unique biodiversity. As the largest of several islands that stretch eastward from the Horn of Africa, it covers a landmass of about 3796 square kilometers. The island’s interior is dominated by the majestic Hajīr Mountains, while its northern region is characterized by narrow coastal plains and its southern region by a broader plain. Socotra sits upon coral banks and it is believed that it may have once been connected to the African and Arabian mainlands. This mystical island is home to a diverse array of flora, including renowned species such as myrrh, frankincense, and the iconic dragon’s blood tree. In recognition of its exceptional plant and animal life, the archipelago was deemed a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2008, solidifying its status as a truly remarkable and precious part of our world. “Socotra has a rich history of ruling dynasties, with the Mahra sultans from southeast Yemen dominating for many years. However, their reign was not unchallenged, as the Portuguese took control of the island for a brief period between 1507 and 1511. In 1834, the British attempted to buy Socotra, but were unsuccessful. Later in the 1880s, the sultan agreed to seek protection from the British for the entire sultanate. This arrangement lasted until 1967, when Socotra became a part of independent South Yemen and eventually unified with the rest of Yemen.” The people of Socotra lead a tranquil life, indulging in activities such as fishing, pearl diving, and small-scale farming. Nomadic tribes living in the interior rear livestock and grow crops to sustain their way of living. The island’s main exports comprise of ghee (clarified butter), fish, and frankincense, with the largest town of Hadīboh (Tamrida) situated on the northern coast. This incredible place is home to a multitude of unique trees and species that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Among them is the extraordinary RED DRAGON BLOOD TREE, which bleeds when cut. This world is a rare and remarkable gem, unlike any other on the planet, boasting over 700 rare tree species and 2500 rare animal species. Among these is the Armadillo girdled lizard, resembling a miniature dragon, who has a defensive technique of curling into a ring by tucking its tail into its mouth when under attack. The inhabitants of this land speak a language called socoti, which is only spoken and not written. It is truly a wondrous island that feels as though it belongs on a different planet altogether. Images of different types of tress and species

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